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School Planning Council


Each year, every school in British Columbia is expected to complete an annual “School Improvement Plan”, with an aim to improving student achievement. The Ministry of Education has mandated the creation of “School Planning Council” at each school. The purpose of the School Planning Council (SPC) is to acknowledge the importance of parental involvement in the creation of these School improvement Plans.
The SPC is an advisory body. Its main responsibility is to consult with the school community in developing, monitoring, and reviewing the Annual School Plans. The School Planning Council will consist of the Principal, one teacher, and three representatives elected by the school’s PAC (one representative must be an elected officer of the PAC).
The mandate of the School Planning Council is to provide advice to the School Board with respect to:
·       Allocation of resources in the school
·       Matters relating to the school which are contained in the School Board's Accountability Contract
·       Education services and educational programs in the school.