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Parent Involvement

Helpful Guidelines for Resolving a Concern at School
  1. Make an appointment with the teacher first. Do not expect the teacher to see you when you “drop in.”
  2. If not satisfied with the meeting with the teacher, make an appointment to see the principal.
  3. The principal may set up a three-way meeting including the parent, the teacher, the principal, and if appropriate, the student.
  4. The parent can contact the superintendent if he/she sees the need to.

You as parents play an integal part in the education of your children. Your help begins with valuing the importance of school through regular attendance and prompt arrival at school. This valuing of school means enriched learning experiences for children and usually, increased motivation.
Parent involvement can take several forms:

  • Home support
  • reading stories to your children;
  • supporting our "At Home Reading Program";
  • monitoring homework;
  • maintaining a dialogue with the classroom teacher through the student planners, learning logs or other notes.
  • Classroom support
  • volunteering your time to help in the classroom;
  • helping with field trips;
  • sharing your expertise/talents with the class.
  • School Support
  • taking an active role in our Parent Advisory Council;
  • attending/participating in our numerous school activities;
  • helping out in the library;
  • volunteering to tutor individual students;
  • sharing contacts with the business world which might enhance our learning resources;
  • sharing your expertise/talents with particular groups of students;
  • being a member of our School Planning Council.

Parents have a responsibility to share any concerns they may have regarding their child’s academic or behavioural progress directly with the classroom teacher. The sooner a concern can be resolved with those parties directly involved, the better it is for all. Other support personnel can be called upon by either the teacher or the parent to participate in the discussion once the initial contact has been made. Open and direct communication is valued at our school with the belief that shared problem-solving allows us to focus on trying to create a positive environment so that your child may be a successful learner.