Hellings Elementary School

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Hellings Elementary is very proud of the active role our P.A.C. plays in the school. The P.A.C. is dedicated to both the education and the emotional and physical well-being of all students in our community. Their primary mandate is to promote effective communication between the home and school, and to encourage parents to get involved in the school on a more formal level.

As members of our community, each one of you is a member-at-large of this formal group. Involvement in the P.A.C. allows you to contribute directly to the enhancement of programs, facilities and equipment within our school. The teachers greatly appreciate the supportive role that the P.A.C. has played in the past. They have graciously helped in:

  • providing necessary resources in the library and classrooms;
  • enhancing our playground;
  • providing computers, software and other multi-media equipment;
  • supporting our cultural activities and special events;
  • preparing our school for the possibility of an earthquake;
  • funding many class fieldtrips.


The PAC executive for 2016-17 are:
Jen Prasad                                                         jenhellingspac@gmail.com                                               
Natasha Singh                                                   wicks85@hotmail.com

Pina Marshall chairperson / treasurer            rugby04@telus.net
Shilo Carlson                                                    shilopac@gmail.com
Tracy Quiding hot lunch                                  tracyquiding@gmail.com
Barb Kunkel hot lunch                                     bkunkel1@hotmail.com
Raj Bhullar fundraising                                    rajkamalbhullar@yahoo.com

All parents of Hellings students are deemed members of the PAC.  You are all invited to attend the PAC meetings to lend your support to our hard working team, and to provide valuable input into shaping the priorities of our school. 

PAC Meeting Minutes

Hellings PAC meeting minutes - November.doc27.5 KB